Recent Projects: "Product Visioning and Strategic Planning"

The insurance division of a diversified financial services provider asked us to help develop a product strategy and a five year operating plan. We introduced an analytic method and process for the evaluation of product opportunities and deployed this in conjunction with their annual planning cycle.

Through strategy setting and planning workshops with the executive team, we developed a list of candidate opportunities, analyzed and prioritized these opportunities. We utilized analytic technologies to report team sentiment regarding individual opportunities enabling a consensus based prioritization that had not been possible in the past.

"With Greg's help, the executive team developed a greater level of consensus for the vision, much faster than had happened in the past."

We engaged the executive team in the context of their annual planning cycle. It became clear very early that the legacy planning and budgeting processes they were bound to made it difficult to find time to discuss/develop new opportunities.

By organizing the process and directly administering the spreadsheets and other required documents of the planning and budgeting cycle, we gave the executive team the headspace to consider and develop new ideas. We planned and worked hard to facilitate Product "forums" where executive team members presented and discussed new product concepts. However, it became clear very quickly that we needed to help the team with the way that they engaged to make decisions in order to foster new product opportunities

We developed and introduced a real-time feedback system that allowed team members to comment on, scre, and rank new product concepts during meetings. This provided aggregate views of the group perspective in an anonymous way. Team members could also share their individual views and ranking of all opportunities if they desired.

This capability had an effect of focusing the discussion on the agreed important elements of evaluating new product opportunities. The conversation became more focused. It also had the effect of "democratizing" the process, and the feeling that each team member had an equal vote increased the level of input into the conversation, and the level of ownership of the result.


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